Advice Pearls

Advice for stressed people: “Make a rule — if someone asks you to do something 2 months in the future, just ask yourself, ‘If it was today, could I make it happen?’ And if your answer is NO, then you should also say NO to the thing that is 2 months away.” Professor of Psychology… Continue reading Advice Pearls

Growth Pains and Pearls

Growth has a variety of timetables. Growth through life’s Big-T and Small-T traumas is more difficult for some than others. All do not ripen at the same time or in similar circumstances. Miriam Alarcón Avila, a visual, multimedia and storytelling artist, was born in Mexico City. She was 14-years-old when an 8.1-magnitude earthquake killed 10,000… Continue reading Growth Pains and Pearls

A Full Head

Queen Elizabeth I (reigning 1558-1603 in England) was fluent in 6 languages, studied the Classics and history for 2-3 hours daily, and wrote poetry. She was a skilled musician as well as dancer; for exercise every morning she practiced demanding dances, The Galliard or The Volta (which requires leaping ladies). The scholarly and athletic queen… Continue reading A Full Head

Pearls of Change

“…Change / Says the fields to the grass, / Seed-time and harvest, / Chaff and grain….” These words come from British poet, critic and scholar, Kathleen Jessie Raine (1908-2003). Her Scottish Mom, Jessie, wrote Kathleen’s poems for her when she was too young to hold a pencil! Raine’s love of poetry kept on giving through… Continue reading Pearls of Change

Lighten Trauma in Families

  Bright Endeavors’ grand opening celebration in the East Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago this weekend left me feeling brighter about our interdependent future! Funding through Chicago’s Justice Advisory Council enabled this fledgling candle-making enterprise to find generous space for increased production and shipping of their soy-based candles with fragrances such as Rose & Vanilla,… Continue reading Lighten Trauma in Families

Harvesting Pearls

Harvest time is a reminder that another growing season is winding down and winter is waiting in the winds. Autumn presents a wistful time for avid gardeners. As I savor the second crop of my ever-bearing red raspberry pearls and hunt zucchini hiding under giant leaves, I realize that these pickings are precious due to… Continue reading Harvesting Pearls

Pearl Needs

“I need____________.” How do you fill in the blank? Deviating from Abraham Maslow’s famous ideas on needs, I developed a list of 5 basic needs from my many years as a family therapist. I worked with clients who were languishing in basic survival energy; they reported eating and sleeping problems along with feelings of depression.… Continue reading Pearl Needs

Take-a-stand Pearls

Malala Yousafzai is a queen without pearls on her neck. She does not represent any monarchy or have any subjects; instead, she has the entire planet’s girl population as her subject. She did not inherit her position but is a stick-your-neck-out person. Malala is like a queen chess piece. Her influence spans far corners of… Continue reading Take-a-stand Pearls

Royal Pearls

Would YOU like to be Queen or King for a day? Do you remember there was a radio (1945-1957) and TV (1956-1964) game show, Queen for a Day? Dramatic stories of women spilling their guts about financial hardship and stressed-out lives riveted audiences. With an applause meter, a TV “winner” was selected by audiences. Pomp… Continue reading Royal Pearls