Peony Pearls

Have you ever noticed the intense action on peony buds?  My budding peonies are covered with workaholic ants. To be honest, I don’t know how many hours a single ant puts in – yes, they all look alike – but ants certainly are busy at dawn and keep working until dusk. Do some ants work… Continue reading Peony Pearls

Ageism Pearl

Recognize Your Own Ageism Do you want to live in a place of your choosing? Nearly everyone, regardless of their age or disability, has reported in surveys that they prefer living in a community rather than an institution. The Administration for Community Living (ACL) was established to maximize the independence and well-being of people with… Continue reading Ageism Pearl

Pearls and Perils of Writing (and Life)

What are the parallels of writing and everyday life? Here are a few nuggets. I was invited to illuminate book publishing and blogging for the Illinois Women’s Press Association this past weekend. Synchronicity smiled upon me as hot-off-the-press copies of my new book, Transforming Retirement: Rewire and Grow Your Legacy, reached my doorstep 24 hours… Continue reading Pearls and Perils of Writing (and Life)

Pandemic Pearls II

What, if anything, came into fruition for you during pandemic times? My third book, Transforming Retirement: Rewire and Grow Your Legacy is my fruit of many years’ growth, both before and during the pandemic. When I lost the publisher of my first two books (my editor was furloughed in the pandemic), I had to search… Continue reading Pandemic Pearls II

Biodiversity Pearls

Cell biologist Bruce Lipton suggests that Charles Darwin may have been wrong about evolutionary gradualism. In a 1972 controversial paper, paleontologists Niles Eldredge and Steven Jay Gould proposed that evolution occurs in spurts (“sudden jumps”) and introduced their Punctuated Equilibrium theory. Eldredge/Gould argued that species have relative equilibrium until their development is “punctuated” by rapid… Continue reading Biodiversity Pearls

SuperAging Pearls

SuperAgers are social butterflies according to research; they flutter between family members and/or friends, often flitting off to join volunteer possibilities in their communities where they make new acquaintances. Does this sound like you? Perhaps you are more introverted and such fluttering around drives you a bit crazy. As Carl Jung wrote in Modern Man… Continue reading SuperAging Pearls