Pearls and Pipes

I knew I had a problem when I found a small pool of standing water in my (usually) dry basement. When I looked up to the ceiling, the culprits–100+ year old pipes with drips–were oozing into freefall. Thankfully, it was not a gusher emergency, just a droplet here, a droplet there. The clear pearls of… Continue reading Pearls and Pipes

Gratitude Pearls

Realistically, what we need most when we shiver from any coldness of life, or just-tired-of-negative-news malaise, is gratitude. This week encompasses our nation’s traditional day of giving thanks for the good news of life. The goodness is that we are HERE! Give a shout-out to your ancestors who undoubtedly experienced much literal and figurative coldness… Continue reading Gratitude Pearls

Mindset Possibilities

Have you noticed how quickly a rainbow disappears? A rainbow pops in and out of brilliance. Yet, our frequent fixed-mindset perspectives entail wanting rainbows (and other goodies) to “last” or “stay the same.” Have you noticed seasons changing? The climate and our weather, including weathering the pandemic, is a moving target. We may not live… Continue reading Mindset Possibilities

Harvesting Passion

The pagan party called Halloween originally celebrated the end of summer’s harvest and winter’s arrival. Halloween has roots in Samhain, a Celtic festival lasting three days in territory now called Ireland, Scotland and U.K. Samhain was famous for pranks and tricks which were blamed on fairies and spirits, as people believed that ghosts of the… Continue reading Harvesting Passion

Change is Nature’s Way

Seed pods fly unfettered       creation cruising aloft        seeking common ground Change is the definition of nature. Poets offer creative change themes and often use nature metaphors. Few words were needed in my Japanese-inspired haiku to capture “change.” Give it a try — you may surprise yourself with your simple change-of-pace experience. Why do… Continue reading Change is Nature’s Way

Boomerang Lessons

I never meant to teach my children gambling. I thought I was teaching my children about the ills of gambling. Years ago on a family vacation, we swung by Las Vegas to catch some shows. We saw the famous Siegfried and Roy magic show with their amazing white tigers. The second evening we saw Cirque du… Continue reading Boomerang Lessons